fun game, don’t say any of these words when ur talking online & see how long u last:

  • wow
  • lol
  • haha
  • lmao
  • tru
  • tbh
  • tho
  • like
  • omg
  • omfg
  • fuck
  • shit
  • wtf

profoundly disturbing.


when u think u got over ur crush but he gives you like 0.2 attention and it starts all over again

make me choose: @wintersthrone Devil or Angel Trap

  1. plot twist: you wake up for school fully rested and ready to socialize

The moment I saw you, I knew you’d be the closest I’d get to being close. I didn’t know what to do with that feeling…


I’m not drunk I’m chillin

me when I’m drunk  (via earizona)